Customer Testimonials and Reviews

“After years of waxing my eyebrows, I discovered electrolysis. Not only did it save me money in the long run, but my eyebrows are in the best shape they have been in since I “plucked” my eyebrows at age 13!!! I highly recommend electrolysis for permanent hair removal and Sofya is the best!!!”

“Look no further. This is the greatest place for all your skin care needs. It is worth the drive, no matter where you live. Mindy Is the Michaelangelo of fillers. She gives better results than the facial plastic surgeons I have been to. Her peels are delightful too. Sofya is like a fairy princess. Her Magic Wand of choice is the electolysys probe. Stephanie is awesome too. You will never find a business that is more dedicated to giving their clients the results they want!!!”

“Maria was recommended to me by Dr. Toby Meltzer’s office.  For starters I would like to state for the record that I was willing to incur the expense of flying from Boston to Phoenix 7 times just to have Maria perform her magic on me.  She is a fantastic woman, and now a terrific friend.  She is full of life and compassion for our community and will go far out of her way to help you.  I can’t even put into words the respect I have for her, she is tireless, many times putting her family and personal life aside to schedule you in.  She has a dynamic personality, not to mention a great singing voice and the hours and hours you spend with her, sadly to say, go by way to fast.”

“I am writing to say how much I appreciate Maria Denicola and Senza Pelo Med Spa….
I work for a local Scottsdale surgeon, Dr. Toby Meltzer… been with him for over 8 years, so of course, I knew of Maria. She had been helping many of our patients for a few years before I went to see her personally. I knew her from Professional events and I also knew of her great reputation from the many patients she had helped through the years and they LOVE HER. Now, I love her too!

Sadly, I had a severe injury to my upper body and had limited mobility, as in raising one arm….So, I went to see her on a professional basis to help with nasty little peach fuzz under my right arm… She immediately began assisting me in being, and staying, WELL GROOMED and hair free…. Well, one appointment led to another….and, I am now completely void of fuzz …….I LOVE not even having to shave again and it’s amazing to feel so smooth and soft all over my body…..
Since my hair removal with Maria, I’ve also had some injectables and botox with Mindy…. Maria is always ready and willing to share the latest and greatest research on antiaging, as well as carrying a lovely line of quality products for face and body.

The whole staff is friendly as well as professional!! They make one feel part of their extended family. I can not say enough about this amazing Spa and Esthetic Treatment Center!! Truly, I could not be more pleased…. wish all service businesses would take lessons from Missy Maria D. and her staff.
Try won’t be disappointed…..”

“Maria, It was hard writing this without writing a book.

Here it is: A friend introduced me to Maria and I am forever grateful.  Maria is experienced in her treatments, as well being a most wonderful, kind and caring person. She has shared her story of her personal battle with excess hair, which led her into this field.  I truly believe she has found her calling, which is evident in her compassionate approach to assisting her clients. As an African-American woman, I was hesitant to try electrolysis due to the increased possibility of scars or dark spots that is a consideration with darker skin. I have never had any such problems with Maria’s treatments. I have referred other Black women to Maria with confidence and (of course) have received glowing reports back. I could write pages of praise for Maria and her staff and they would deserve every word. I’ll just sum this up in saying that if you want the best in hair removal, see Maria. And by the way, she’s also a babe!”

“There’s no other way to say it. I love Maria. There are very few people in this world that I would step in front of a train for, but Maria is one of those people. She absolutely rocks. On any given weekend she’s got people from the community here from all over the country – lured by both her tremendous talent, her wondrous empathy for the community, and her friendship. For many of us, these ingredients are in short supply at a time when it’s all we can do to make it through the day.

I thought it would be awkward to call her and tell her I was trans, and that I needed my face cleared. She knew it right away (of course) and made it easy.

Like a psychologist, I sincerely believe that we need to find an electrologist who has had experience working with our community, who knows the intricacies of removing large areas of male facial hair, who understands the tremendous pressures involved. Maria is all that and more. From my earliest newbie days I can’t think of a single person who had a more profound impact on my transition than she did.

Our sessions weren’t just endless hours. We talked. Or, at least she talked (it’s hard to carry on a conversation with a face full of needles) and I did my best to participate. She sang to me. We’ve cried together. We’ve laughed together. Spending as much time together through as many life-changing things as we did creates a bond I just can’t explain. I know there are others out there who remove hair. But, there’s only one Maria.”

“I have been a client of hers for about eight months now and have come to know her well in this time. I called Maria from my home in the Washington DC area because she was recommended to me with such embellishment that I felt I should at least call. I never imaged that I would come to travel across the country regularly to endure marathon electrolysis sessions upwards of 10 and 12 hours a day for two or three day weekends.

Because the travel cost for me becomes prohibitive I only make this trip every 8 weeks roughly, however in my absence Maria writes me and calls me to see how I’m doing. She has inspired me to open up to my family about myself and has helped me to have confidence in myself as a transwoman. She is a very open person; sharing her personal experiences with me and even introducing me her husband and young (preteen) children. At times she had greater faith in me than I had in myself. While in her care I have met so many really wonderful people locally and from all over the country. She has even contacted me to put me in touch with other people while I was on vacation so that we might be able to support one another. I would recommend Maria to anyone, especially to transgender people. I would tell them that volumes could be written about the help, kindness, and love that she has given to people and, that if you get the chance to know her your life will likely be better for it. My life certainly is better because of Maria.

Maria’s work in electrolysis is the absolute very best. There are faster methods that are easier for the technician than that used by Maria, however all of these are very hard on the skin and often times the healing is incomplete ever. Maria does what is best for her clients. I have worked with many people who are supposed specialists in the field of gender dysphoria and most of them could learn from Maria, for example: just how to address transgender people with dignity. I am filled with gratitude for Maria and for her incredible love and generosity.”

“AWESOME Laser and Electrolysis !!!!!

Arizona Laser and Electrolysis is amazing. The owner Maria De Nicola, has more than 26 years experience, and ALL the technicians are perfectionists. Maria oversees all the staff to insure that all the clients get only the best care. The staff continue to study their craft and stay updated on the latest technology to keep up on the best products and techniques.  I have been going there for almost 3 years and I know other women that referred me there who have been going to see Maria for many more years. You can not do better anywhere !!!

Check out their web site They also do some generous charity work as well which is very sweet.  The facility has a very friendly atmosphere and everyone there is always kind. As a side note, (Believe it or not,) I know a girl that travels all the way from across the country just to get her treatments done there. If you are not convinced, check it out ! You won’t be disappointed.”

“Every time I speak with you or interact with you I am just amazed how supportive and kind you are.  You are super busy with your business and with your family and I know you are very active in so many other activities.  That is why I find it so amazing with this world full of people scurrying about their busy lives that you always find the time to talk, to listen, to help, to advise and to care. When you did not even know me and before I was a client I was stuck in a rut and you helped me out by giving me ideas and resources to look to.

Every time I interact with you and Stephanie as well (I will call her you’r mini me of caring and giving), I always walk away feeling better about myself, my odds of making this crazy journey and the world in general. You are such a sweet person, I know you must get thanks like this all the time. My life is better having met you, you inspire me to be more active, more caring and make more of a difference in the world, because these qualities glow from your heart I swear it just rubs off on people, even shy recluses like myself can not help but be affected. I just wanted to tell you; Thank you for every thing you do for the community and for being such a great spirit to enter my life as well.”

“Let me be another person to recommend Maria for electrolysis. She has done all of my electrolysis and I couldn’t be happier with the results. She is such a caring, dedicated and knowledgeable person, and it has been a pleasure and comfort to have her and her staff, which includes her daughter Stephanie, help me reach my goals. She has a nationwide reputation and has done so much for the local transgender community. She is also a great “therapist” and friend!!! Her support and guidance have been keys to my transition. If you’re looking for someone, please do call her!!!!”

“I have to add here-here, brava, and amen to Holly’s comments, and, as always, a flood of praise for Maria comes rushing in from all quarters (see Donna Rose’s comments at She’s the electrologist for the great majority of us, and pretty much as far as I know, the only reason people choose not to go to her is sheer geographical location. Even that is hardly a limitation for so many people you meet in her office.

When I’m in there, I’m always meeting sister transsexuals from all over the country who have come to town just to have her very special, highly competent, and deeply caring services. She’s a tremendous asset to our entire community, and her office is like a second home to all of us. Arizona Electrolysis has an irresistably welcoming, inclusive, and inviting family atmosphere that has many people dropping by just to visit. We are so lucky to have her right here in our own city. From everything I can see, Phoenix has to be the best city in America in which to change your sex.”

“Hello,I am SO happy I found you! I’ve seen Sofya twice so far. She’s fantastic, and I love that you offer evening hours. I’ve been doing thermolysis/electrolysis treatments on-and-off for about 18 years, and honestly after 2 treatments I feel like this might be a more effective method than most. Time will tell, but so far I couldn’t be happier with the results! Thank you.”

“Ladies, I just wanted to thank you for being such positive and important people in my life. There is a unique bond that one develops with those people who play a role as a part of their transition. You are not merely tools that we use to achieve a certain result, but you become a friend. And whether you realize it or not, the two of you go well beyond just helping us to get rid of some hair. Your positive outlook and attitude also give us encouragement and strength. The world would be a whole lot better place if it had more people like the two of you in it! As I head to start the next chapter of my life, know that I take with me in my heart, the pleasurable memories of having you in my life! Please stay in contact. I will miss you both very much. Love always,”

“Hi Donna Rose, I’m back in but have just returned from three of the most wonderful weeks alone in my new home. The first thing I did was go see Maria. Although she was booked solid she put me in the care of Stephanie Shield. I have never even dreamed that such loving, compassionate, caring people could exist. Both of them did everything possible to make me feel comfortable. Both introduced me to other TS women which; for the first time; presented the opportunity to speak with someone like myself. I spent two or three hours, two or three times a week there because I felt so safe and comfortable. Even though Stephanie was sticking needles in me, just her touching my face was pleasurable. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for leading me to Maria, Stephanie and the rest of the group.”

“For all your permanent hair removal needs Arizona Electrolysis is the ONLY place to consider. The staff is very professional, courteous, and above all caring. I found that unlike many businesses providing beauty and personal care I was not just a “patient” or “client”, but rather treated as a personal friend or family member. My personal consultant, Stephanie Shields, is an absolute dream!!! Also this facility is unique in that they are also quite expert in assisting a very select and sensitive group of clients…the transgender community. With every other woman I talk to (as well as my many transgendered female friends) regarding permanent hair removal, I always refer them to Arizona Electrolysis. I tell them it is the ONLY place to even bother considering!!! “

“Maria, It has been both a pleasure and a delight to know you, Stephanie Sheilds and all your staff. Not just as people who have provided me with laser and electrolysis services, but as friends! As for Stephanie being born and raised around people of the gender community … yes, I agree that this fact has helped to make her a more understanding, compassionate and accepting person … but that’s only part of it. I think it has much more to do with the fact that you are … and thus, she is a reflection of you! You both have pure souls and I am a better person for having known you both. So good bye for now, but I will be keeping in touch and hope to hear from the two of you from time to time as well. Always,”

“First of all, I wanted to thank you so much for the amazingly wonderful experience I had! I can’t say enough about how lovely everyone is; although, I must admit that you all are so dang beautiful. It is a bit intimidating! No, actually, it is inspiring! I wanted to let you know that I wrote to Andrea James, who hosts TSRoadmap, with a recommendation for Arizona Electrolysis, and she has already posted it. Also I wanted to let you know that I put in lots of good words for you to Mira and Dr. Ousterhout. They will now recommend Arizona Electrolysis to any of their patients who are looking for a good resource. I just want other gals to have the great experiences I’ve had!”

“Maria, Thank you for taking care of me. You always treat me well and with respect. You are the only professional in my opinion that has never been judgmental, but just accepting towards my condition. My recent bout in the hospital has made me realize how valuable your skills and opinions have been to my transition. All those doctors viewing my chart as if my transgender self is some illness to be cured, and not just a personal decision. Again, I would like to thank you for always helping me, busy or not. Your Friend and Client, A work in progress”

“Hi Maria and Stephanie, I just want to thank both you and Stephanie for everything you did for me. I’m back home and have been miserable since I left Arizona. I have five weeks until I return for good, it feels like a lifetime. Neither you or Stephanie realize all that the two of you did for me. From introducing me to other TS women to just providing a place where I was comfortable and didn’t feel like an outcast. I will be forever indebted to you both, and love you both for it. I feel like a kid waiting to go to Disneyland. I can’t wait to return there and see you both. Placing myself back in your caring, compassionate hands. Hugs,”

Thank you for taking care of me. You always treat me well and with respect. You are the only professional in my opinion that has never been judgmental, but just accepting towards my condition. My recent bout in the hospital has made me realize how valuable your skills and opinions have been to my transition. All those doctors viewing my chart as if my transgender self is some illness to be cured, and not just a personal decision. Again, I would like to thank you for always helping me, busy or not.
You’re Friend and Client,”

“Hi Maria and the rest of the gang, too,
First of all, thanks sooo much for everything!! The treatment I received with you was very effective and most professional, and I wish I could remain in the area to continue with you. More than that, the entire staff was very friendly and always made me feel welcome and at ease. I’ll certainly miss you all, but I will keep in touch, and I’ll definitely see you again when I come back in!
Be well. Be Happy. Love ya all,”

“One of the dearest people I’ve had the good fortune to meet is Maria DeNicola of Arizona Laser, Electrolysis, and Skin Care. I have had all my hair removal done there and am thankfully getting near the end. She and her staff are great. Maria has been involved with the T-community for a long, long time. She has such a fantastic reputation that girls from all over the country come here to deal with her. I like to think of her as an angel. Always there to help, no matter what time it is, or what day it may be.”

“I have known Maria for about 4 years now. She has always been very supportive of the Transgender community. She takes a keen interest in all her patients of which I have been one on several occasions and felt very comfortable with her professionally as well as personally. Her work ethic is high powered, most of us couldn’t match her schedule yet she gives the time allotted and does very good work in a kind manner.”

“Maria DeNicola is my laser and electrolysis specialist. She is so very caring, loving and supportive of those of us who are transgendered. She makes me feel comfortable and accepted. With permission ahead of time, she has introduced me to others who have given me support and encouragement. Maria is the best person in working with transgendered persons. I got connected to her through Dr. Toby Meltzer. I highly recommend Maria.”

“I LOOOOVE Arizona Laser Electrolysis! I did my research before I made an appointment with them and they told me exactly what to expect from the treatment and that is what is happening. I’m on my 4th session and I see the difference from when I started. I expect about two more sessions to be done and enjoy the rest of my life hair-free!  Maria Denicola and her staff are super friendly and their customer service is superb!”

“Maria treats a steady influx of transsexuals from all over the country, flying to Phoenix to have her do their electrolysis from start to finish. Maria does my electrolysis, and just about every trans person I know. She is not just a good electolysis person, she is our therapist, our doctor, our closest friend. She knows transgender psychology as good or better than most therapists. She has seen it all, over and over and over. Where would I or “we” be without Maria? Can’t imagine it!”

“Freedom!!!! That’s what I got at Senza Pelo Med Spa. I plucked for years and years…always a losing battle until I discovered electrolysis. I stayed true to the treatments and I have not tweezed for six months!!!!!. When this was so successful, I had my upper lip done as well, with the same success. Sofya, Stephanie, Maria…everyone at the spa knows their business. They are caring professionals. Go ahead try them….you’ll never regret it!”

“WOW!! Thats all that I can say. I was looking for a great skin care business and I found Maria and her loving helpers. Thank God for her and her face piles.The treatments really did do wonders for my face! I would recommed Maria Denicola to every body!!!! Trust me you will be happy AND satisfied too!”

“After trying three different hair removal specialists, I finally found Maria DeNicola at Arizona Lazer and electrolysis and Senza Pelo Med Spa. She is the best of all I’ve tried. A warm and friendly environment whose staff treat you as part of the family yet with a very professional and caring attention to detail and whose main concern is your health and well being. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Maria!”

“I have been to Arizona Laser Electrolysis for both laser treatment and for electrolysis. They are by far the most professional and experienced in the industry. The entire staff treats every client as if you are the most important person around. They go beyond just exceptional skill and knowledge and provide the best customer experience I have every had from any business.”

“I love my face!!!!! Girl, I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I love having so much of my facial hair gone. You were right though when you said that I’d have some more to remove. I think you said to wait about 6 weeks so we aren’t there yet.
Did I say I LOVE MY FACE!!!!!!  It’s so much smoother and no five o’clock shadow  Yahoo!”

“Arizona Laser Electrolysis is the very best in hair removal. Maria and all the girls there have become like family to me. They are very dedicated to providing the very best care and service. They strive to make each of their clients feels like they are the only one. Thank you to everyone there for the years of care and service and for making me feel like a part of your family.”

“I have been to eight different electrologists in six different states, and I can tell you from experience that Maria and her staff are the ABSOLUTE TOPS when it comes to facial or unwanted body hair. She is extremely friendly, professional, and cares a great deal about her clients. Most importantly, she is the most skilled electrologist of all the ones that I have been to previously. I am so happy that I moved to Phoenix and discovered Maria. I wish I had known about her years ago. I recommend her to anyone who needs hair removal.”

“PCOD and Now I Have Hope. My first experience with lazer treatment for my PCOD had caused serious hair growth on my chin. I went in with a little nervousness and came out with great information, a successfull treatment, and over and beyond great customer service. I look forward to the new hope and regiment that has been set in place for my excess facial hair problem and want to thank Senza Pelo Med Spa for everything.”

“Maria, What can I say other than thank you, thank you, thank you. You and your staff (Stephanie, Sofya, Mindy, and Venessa) offer a service not seen anywhere else. Your shop is more a home than a business. Your prices are more than competitive and the treatment is not only excellent but offers compassion and privacy. I consider you a friend. I have (and shall continue to) recommend you to all!!!! Thank you. , I want to thank both of you for everything you did for me. From introducing me to other TS women to just providing a place where I was comfortable and didn’t feel like an outcast. I will be forever indebted to both of you. Hugs.”


“Maria runs a wonderful business staffed with people who are very knowledgeable and caring. I’ve had both laser and electrolysis at AZ Laser Electrolysis. They kept me fully informed of what to expect and did a wonderful job of minimizing my anxiety as well as any discomfort.  I would personally recommend this business if you are considering having laser or electrolysis. It’s always a joy to see their smiling faces and they welcome me like family!”

“I just wanted to thank all the nice people I have met over these last few months. You know who you are. In particular Maria and your daughter (heck, everyone at Arizona Electrolysis), you are doing so much for the community. You have given me the confidence and showed love in a nonjudgmental and sincere way.”

“I just want to thank you for your kindness and professional treatment. I have had no irritation or problem of any kind physically but more important emotionally. You are an impressive group of caring people, I am so glad our paths crossed. You are the best!”

“You can’t do better than Maria, Steph, Sofya, and the rest of the staff. Maria’s been doing electrolysis for trans women for 20+ years and is a long time supporter and advocate for the transgender community. I like them so much that I drive down from Prescott every couple of weeks for a treatment.”

“I cannot say enough about what a wonderful person Maria DeNicola truly is. I have never met anyone who cares so deeply about us and has the talent, kindness, and compassion to perform such a delicate task. Read Donna Rose’s book “Dressed In Blue”, you will find Maria on page 163.”

“I haven’t had any additional hair removal after I finished with you. You did such a great job that I don’t really have much coming back. I probably could use one or two additional treatments but that will have to wait until I can get to Phoenix!! I won’t let anyone but you work on me!! (you spoiled me!!)”

“As usual another great event for T harmony and we owe it all to Maria and her merri band of cohorts, Thanks to you Maria and your band. To all the woman who attended, for me you made all worth wild, so many friends and new friends, what a great bunch of women.”

“I have been a client at Arizona Laser for 6 years. I am happy to report that the services provided at this clinic are outstanding. The treament rooms are clean, the staff is professional and the hair removal services are really great. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

“I would recommend Maria to anyone who is interested in laser hair removal. She is a pro and makes you feel very comfortable. If you are a man or women interested in eliminating unwanted hair on any part of your body see Maria. Her office is professional, clean and friendly.”

“I have been to Arizona Laser Electrolysis for both laser and electrolysis. They are by far the most professional and experienced in the industry. The entire staff treats every client as if you are the most important person around. They go beyond just exceptional skill and knowledge and provide the best customer experience and the results are absolutely fantastic.”

“I have been a client for over 15 years and always receive great service and excellent solutions for my problems. They don’t try to over sell me. I look younger than many of my peers. Thank you, Mindy and Maria!”

“Your results in the few hours I spent with you in Sept and Dec are more lasting than the 2 years of work with my prior person.”

“This is the best place for laser. I have had 3 procedures here so far and drive 40 miles each way to get here and love the treatment here. Maria is awesome and makes you feel very comfortable.”

“I have been a client of Arizona Laser Electrolysis for almost 3 years. I just did electrolysis and I am so happy with their service. The staff is amazing. I worked with Stephanie and Sofya. I always go back there, because I feel special every time, due to the service provided. I highly recommend this place to everybody! “

“I had a great experience at their fabulous location, it was quick, informative and they were great results. I would recommend this great place to anyone looking for good services!”

I’ve had been to Maria’s over 15 times. It would be impossible to find a more professional and personable staff than here. On a scale of 1 to 10 ….I would rate them a 12!!!!

“Maria and Stephanie have both contributed to my hairless state of being. It is wonderful not having to shave. They are both knowledgeable and professional and I recommend them for all of your hair removal needs.”

“I think of you as a friend and more. You are a blessing for the community no doubt about it.”

“Thanks again so much for everything. Seriously. You’re a blessing to everyone in your life and an inspiration to me.”

“You certainly have made quite an impact on a number of lives. I am glad you are in mine.”

“This is a great place. The staff is friendly and helpful. Very skilled and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend their services!”

“I highly recommend Arizona Laser Electrolysis. I have had 20+ hours of treatment there and seeing great results.”

“The staff here are all wonderful and terribly accommodating. It would be difficult to find a place better than this, especially at such wonderful prices.”

“Thank you and your staff for another wonderful experience Maria. I never thought I would look forward to electrolysis so much!”

“Your facilities are charming and the staff was very informative and kind. I felt comfortable and enjoyed my service that I received today tremendously!!  I will be back. Thanks so much.”