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Senza Pelo Med Spa recently started to use a new electrolysis technique called S.I.M.P.L.E., which is an acronym for Sequential Inverted Micro-Pulsed Led Energy, and we have found the results to be amazing. Here is an explanation of how it works:

SIMPLE:  The acronym SIMPLE gives reference to how the AC (alternating current) technique is applied throughout the entire follicle starting at the dermis.

SEQUENTIAL:  Implies a uniform series of current applications: one immediately following under the placement of the previous pulse utilizing one-piece stainless/non-insulated probes only.

INVERTED:  Indicates current commences at the top of the dermis (no hair grows in the epidermis,hence no electrical current should be allowed to affect this surface tissue.) This inverted technique mandates CONSTANT movement of current in a slow, methodical manner allowing for the level to be met.

MICRO:  Millionth of an ampere or extremely small amounts of current.

PULSED: Quickness of time in thousandths of a second (quick as the blink of an eye). The formula for micro flash technique is:

Current X Time = Pulses per Millimeter depth

LED:  Each pulse follows and is repeated below the previous application while the probe is being moved constantly between each pulse

ENERGY:  Refers to the electrical current used.

The new technique and the technological advances in the new epilators have enabled us to provide our clients with another solution to achieving permanent hair removal.

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