Is BOTOX Cosmetic right for you?

Is BOTOX Cosmetic right for you?

It’s all about freedom of expression… You’ve probably heard a lot about BOTOX Cosmetic. It’s been in the news, in fashion, health, and beauty magazines, and on TV. Your friends may even be talking about how it works. Could this be what you’ve been looking for — a procedure that can temporarily smooth those moderate to severe frown lines between your brows with no surgery and no recovery time? An improvement can be seen within days, lasting for up to 4 months. Results may vary. Why would you get treated with BOTOX Cosmetic?

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Led by Maria De Nicola, C.L.S., with more than 30 years experience in electrolysis permanent hair removal and 12 years expertise in laser hair reduction,

Senza Pelo Med Spa has established an international reputation for the highest quality professional treatment with a “personal touch”. A leader in the electrolysis community, Senza Pelo Med Spa (formerly Arizona Laser, Electrolysis, & Skin Care) is dedicated to providing a compassionate service for our clients in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.