Senza Pelo has been a go-to destination electrology office catering specifically to the trans women (and most recently with advancements in surgical procedures for trans men too) community and safe place since we opened our doors in 1982. Back then it was a newspaper article that introduced our owner, Maria, to the community she knew she could help. Since then Maria and the electrologists of Senza Pelo have made it their mission to help others become hair free along the path of transition. We understand that transition can be unnerving, but our promise to you is with Senza Pelo at your side, the road traveled is not that way any longer.

One of the focuses of the staff here is to help your transition be a smooth as possible. We create an obtainable plan of action to remove the unwanted hair. Our office specializes in double electrologist clearings with lidocaine injections available upon request administered by our registered nurses. As well as laser hair removal, and laser skin rejuvenation to soften the appearance of years of shaving.

Whether you are local or visiting from another state or country you have a home here. Senza Pelo has four senior electrologist and two junior electrologists (until they receive their CPE) with flexible hours including early morning, nights and weekend hours.

We are also happy to point you in the direction of other practitioners in the valley who offer specialized services for the transgender community including Mary Brasch, Shellie Ruge and Dr. Peck for transitional therapy, Dr. Toby Meltzer for facial feminization and GRS surgery and many others. We have a comprehensive list of trans friendly providers in the valley at our front desk available to you.

We would love to share with you the story of Donna Rose. She is a longtime friend and client of Senza Pelo MedSpa. By clicking on her name you can go to her website to read about her story. There are many helpful links to professionals on her page. If you are ever in need of finding a local support system, doctors, therapists and friends Senza Pelo has the opportunity to reach out to many local people and professionals so that you are never alone on your transition to your true self.